Vertical Communications Explains Unified Communications

Get The Scoop On Unified Communications From A Leading Manufacturer

Ideacom Midwest in St. Louis Missouri is an authorized dealer for Vertical Communications. Unified Communications is what everyone in the telecommunications market is talking about.  The following information is provided by Vertical Communications.  Vertical is a leading manufacturer of Voice over IP business telephone systems.  After review you’ll want to know more so feel free to contact Ideacom Midwest at 314-961-0557 or visit our website at

Who Can Use Unified Communications?

What is unified communications?  Can you explain it?  It’s a business buzzword communications companies came up with to try to sell more products.  But who really uses it?  Is it the ability to unify?  The ability to communicate?  It’s both actually.

It’s all about how to relate in reaction to customers using things like presence management, visual voicemail, instant messaging, call recording and more.  Most small to midsize business they must have big resources or a big IT budget to use these features.  But the good news is they don’t.  Vertical Communications gives businesses a simple solution to complex communications without charging extra for every bell and whistle.  Everything you need is all built in on one box on the Vertical Wave so you can access and deploy the applications you need, when you need them.

Now businesses of any size can get all the latest unified communications features like the ability to track and report call volume and leads from marketing campaigns to run their companies more efficiently and respond to customers faster.  Find out what all the buzz is about.  Contact your local authorized Vertical dealer, Ideacom Midwest to learn more.  314-961-0557 or


Business Telephone Systems; Who is Vertical Communiations

Ideacom Midwest Introduces Vertical Communications


My name is Bill McCormick.  I’m the president of Ideacom Midwest in St. Louis Missouri.  Today I’m introducing you to Vertical Communications one of the premier manufacturers we represent.  If you are interested in a great business telephone system with great features you’ll be glad you took the time to learn about Vertical Communications.  Then follow up by visiting Ideacom Midwest’s website at or call me at 314-400-9210.

What do you want from your phone system; more importantly what do you deserve; more features, more functionality, reduced costs, greater ease of use? Is your current system delivering all of that, or did you settle for less with a system that costs you more for things like IP based unified communications, enterprise mobility or even cloud base services?

All providers offer a communications platform that includes a basic telephony feature set but, at Vertical Communications they don’t just provide a platform they deliver a solution. No other telecommunications vendor incorporates such a wide range of business productivity tools into their core platform for a truly unique all-in-one solution for virtually any business.  Vertical’s single appliance approach means you get more for less. More applications like our award-winning viewpoint desktop and mobile user interfaces which comes standard to deliver comprehensive unified communications tools and enterprise mobility to everyone in your organization.  Call recording, secure instant messaging, visual voicemail and more all included. In addition Vertical gives you an extensive array of other pre-installed advanced communications solutions to help you improve operational performance and reduce costs. Because everything’s built-in, these optional add-ons are ready to access when you are, by activating a simple license to make them available over your entire system without the need and expense of adding more software hardware and hassles.

Vertical has proven expertise in developing industry-specific applications and solutions for the unique requirements of customers in retail, healthcare, financial services and other markets…and Ideacom Midwest can help create customized applications just for your business too.  Vertical Communications’ solutions are created around your specific business processes. They can reduce missed opportunities and increase average sales per call in a retail environment; streamline client bookkeeping and automate compliance in a law firm, reduce no show appointments in medical practices and improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies in just about any business. Isn’t that what you want and deserve? All the advanced applications, great features and functionality you need, all-in-one appliance and all at costs far lower than competitive offerings with no hidden charges for the extra stuff other vendors charge for. So you can operate leaner and greener. Less hardware equals reduced energy costs while improving productivity and keeping your edge over the competition.

Verticals true high bread standards-based platforms help you save even more by protecting your existing communications investment with the ability to integrate with your own legacy phones or by taking advantage of both the feature set and cost savings of Verticals family of IP phones.

Not quite ready to go one hundred-percent IP?  Vertical can help you migrate to an IP based system at your own pace with converged platforms that tie together traditional phones, IP phones and sip trunking, all-in-one system so you save money now and later as your phone system grows with your business. So change your expectations about the kind of communication system you deserve. Don’t settle for less. Find out how you can get more with Vertical Communications by contacting Ideacom Midwest at 314-961-0557.

Telephone Systems for Insurance Companies

Solve the Telecommunications Needs of the Insurance Industry

Insurance companies, insurance agents and other organizations involved in the insurance industry will find great value in a business telephone system.  The insurance industry is a highly technical industry.  It is very competitive and has highly technical telecommunications needs.

Get the Right Office Telephone System

Insurance companies, insurance agents, claims offices and other parts of the insurance industry are always trying to do a better job of communicating with their insured clients.  That great service can start with the selection of the right telephone system.  Large insurance companies, small and medium sized insurance agencies and related offices want to provide great service and they need the latest telephone technology. 

Business Telephone System Features Can Pay For Themselves

Telephone Systems for Insurance Companies when properly designed and implemented can be a great addition.  Automated attendant can answer incoming calls.  Voice mail to email integration can save busy administrators, insurance agents, claims representatives and others a lot of time.  Mobility can keep everyone connected to the system and organization even when you are off site.  Instant messaging works ideally when there are a lot of meetings going on.  IVR (Integrated Voice Response) can be programmed to make automatic calls to confirm appointments and number of other useful functions.  The insurance industry demands leading edge technology.

The best phone systems on the market are manufactured by companies like ShoreTel, Vertical Communications, Tadiran, Cisco, Toshiba, Avaya, Mitel, Nortel and NEC.

Learn More About Telecommunications

If you would like to learn more about telephone systems and features like VOIP, Voice over IP, hosted telephone solutions, SIP, unified communications, mobility, desktop call control and much more visit our website at or view our other videos at out YouTube channel 

Wave IP’s Intelligent Call Routing Can Improve Customer Service

The Vertical Wave IP business telephone system is loaded with features and applications to aid companies with increasing productivity and efficiency for their businesses.  An optional feature Vertical Communications built for the Wave is Call Classifier.  By controlling incoming phone traffic, Call Classifier can help businesses gain a competitive advantage.

With Call Classifier, the Vertical Wave can identify calls based on a number of criteria including DID, Caller ID, Account Code, Call Notes, as well as information collected from customer input.  The information is collected by the Vertical Wave and performs a data dip from a ODBC compliant database and presents information to the employee taking the call.

By creating business rules, Call Classifier is able to intelligently route traffic to the correct contact center agent to meet the needs of your customers.  It also provides agents with more detailed information allowing them to handle calls more quickly and professionally.

There are hundreds of applications that can be addressed using Call Classifier which makes it an incredible value in any business environment.

For more information about the Vertical Wave IP or Call Classifier, call us at 314-961-0557.  You find out more about the Vertical Wave at our website

Vertical Wave IP Delivers Built In Call Recording

Call Recording

One of the powerful tools delivered by the Vertical Wave IP business telephone system is the ability to record conversations.  The Vertical Wave does this with Ad Hoc call recording and also system call logging.

Ad Hoc Call Recording

First, It will allow users to record calls in an ad hoc mode and then deliver the call recordings to the users voicemail box.  The recordings can then be accessed the same way that voicemail messages are checked.  They can also be accessed through Viewpoint, the Vertical Wave IP’s desktop call control interface.  From Viewpoint users can export call recordings and save them to a customer file or attached to an email.

System Call Logging

The second method and most powerful is the archive call recording feature which is similar to many of the call logging devices on the market.  With this method the Wave will record all calls in and out from the enterprise and then store them on a customer provided storage device.  The recordings are then accessed through the Archive Recording Brower.  Calls can then be sorted via several pieces of criteria.  Archive call recording can be set up system wide or on an individual extension basis.

To download the call recording brochure click here

To find out more about the Vertical Wave IP communications solution call us at 314-961-0557 or goto our website at

Vertical Wave IP phone system delivers mobility to for all users with 3.0

Vertical Communications has recently released thier mobile client for both iPhone (IOS) and Android devices with version 3.0.  These applications allow users full control of their call flow as if they were in the office.  The product is integrated into the Wave IP system with all aspects of it’s Unified Communications funtionality.

Feature include: inbound/outboud dialing, intercom calling, presence information, instant messaging, call log, unified messaging, ets.. All from your smartphone.  Vertical Wave Wave IP users can control their communications from anywhere with Viewpoint Mobile.

The best part                      Vertical Wave IP Viewpoint Mobile

Vertical built Viewpoint Mobile into the standard user license with their powerful ip business telephone system giving all users the ability to use the product.  Wave users can go to the iTunes App Store or the Android Play Market and download Viewpoint Mobile.

Call us for a demo of the Vertical Wave IP at (314) 961-0557  or visit us on the web at to see how Viewpoint Mobile can transform your business.